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Project Description

Toggle the SharePoint 2010 user interface between the new SharePoint 2010 user interface and SharePoint 2007 user interface.


Download the latest version here

Unzip the

Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell from Start | All Programs | Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products


Change the current location to where was extracted

Execute the Install.ps1 by typing .\Install.ps1 and pressing Enter


Once the installation is completed successfully, you should see the following message


Browse to the web where you want to activate the Toggle UI and go to Manage Site Features ( Site Actions | Site Settings | Manage site features )

Find the Toggle SharePoint User Interface and activate the feature


Click on Site Actions menu. The Toggle Visual Mode option is now available for the web


Click on Toggle Visual Mode to switch to SharePoint 2007 user interface


Notice you still have the SharePoint 2010 out of the box Visual Upgrade options enabled


Click again on Site Actions | Toggle Visual Mode to switch to SharePoint 2010 user interface

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